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Thread: How to get new brushes and textures?

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    How to get new brushes and textures?

    I'm brand new to Artrage. And dont know how everything works yet. Is there a place to get actual brushes... like community made brushes? Or do you download presets that other people have discovered? Could someone please give me the installation process for downloaded content as well plz (content like color packs and sticker packs). I've messed with the sticker thing and dont much care for it as any kind of fast strokes lag a bit which would drive me nuts... running i7 Q840, Dual Nvidia 285m 2gb VRAM total, 8gb Ram. Windows 7 64 bit.. I would hope my pc specs are plenty enough to run anything a paint program has to offer smoothly... I am assuming its the program causing the lag and not my hardware not being powerful enough. Its a few years old now but It still runs most modern games on high.

    I'm mainly looking for how people come up with different textures in Artrage. As different brushes can inspire new ideas you wouldnt have thought of otherwise.

    Btw other than the sticker brush lag.. I absolutely love the program so far. I'm just hoping theres a good method for getting new brushes.
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    Check out the Art Supplies section, as that's where most people post their custom brushes and other resources

    If it's an .arpack Package File it will install automatically. There's a step by step tutorial here

    If it hasn't been put into a package file, then each resource type requires a different approach. There's a guide here

    As for lag; ArtRage is a very intensive program, especially if you are painting on a very large canvas or with a lot of layers. However, you shouldn't be seeing significant lag at smaller sizes. It's possible that what you're seeing is the built in 'gap' between sticker marks; try changing the Spray Rate in the Settings panel and see if it's still a problem?

    I've attached a screenshot of the difference using a random brush. Does that look like your problem?

    Click image for larger version. 

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