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Thread: Need help with Huion tablet

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    Need help with Huion tablet

    Hi, I'm brand new to using a drawing tablet and I'm running into a technical issue - hopefully someone here can help.

    I'm using a Huion 580 tablet and ArtRage 4 (full), I have a desktop with Windows 7 and a laptop with Windows 8.

    I've been playing around with different settings and presets and whatnot with watercolor and oil brush, but I can't seem to get a nice thick line going. In order to get a thick line, I have to use my mouse or I'd have to push so hard on my tablet it would probably not be good for it. I've tried increasing the tool size, but to get anything close to what I'm looking for, it has to be 800, which makes it difficult to see exactly where my paint is going to go (middle of a GIANT circle doesn't allow for much precision), and it still doesn't give a nice thick paint glob like it does with my mouse. Is there some hidden setting I'm not seeing on my tablet or with ArtRage? Any help you can offer is appreciated

    (Edit - I messed around more with the presets and the settings in ArtRage and it doesn't seem to help a whole lot - the pencil lines are almost invisible unless I press really hard on the tablet, argh!)
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    It sounds like a pressure settings issue, which you may be able to modify in the tablet properties. If that doesn't fix it, you may need to reinstall or update the drivers.
    If you want to contact us at we can look into it for you in more detail.

    As for the cursor, you can change it to a crosshairs, which should be much easier to use at large sizes, by going to Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Cursors

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    Thank you ~ I tried messing with the settings and the tablet is already at its most sensitive *supposedly.* I'm wondering whether something is defective with it, but the Huion website refuses to load for me, hence I can't check to see if drivers need updating I'm considering returning it if I can't get my issue solved - if anybody with Huion tablets is familiar with this, I'd love to hear input. I'll definitely try that cursor thing, that sounds like it'll get me through until I can contact someone at Huion. Thanks again!

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