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Thread: Restoring saved copy from a crash?

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    Restoring saved copy from a crash?

    I have been working on a pretty big project and I had been saving constantly. ArtRage just crashed and failed it's attempt to restore the work. When I tried opening the file, it showed a preview of my work, but when it was opened I only got a blank canvas. Is there any way I can restore my work to the list time I saved it? (I was saving every 10 minutes)

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    When you say you were backing up every 10 min, were they incremental version saves, i.e "Save As…" or were you just overwriting the same file? Or using AR's built in version saving.
    If they were incremental or AR's version saving then I would just go back to the last one and cary on again from there. 10 or 20min of redoing things from there isn't so bad.
    If you were overwriting the same file then possibly your only hope is to open AR and from the File menu choose 'Import Image File…' and navigate to the file that you were working on and see if AR can import it that way.
    The first thing during a normal save AR dose is to make a full size image of your work so if something dose go wrong you should at least have that. However it is just an image so there will be no layers etc… but you may be able to continue using this saved image as a starting point.
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