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Thread: HELLO I need help i'm new to this

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    Exclamation HELLO I need help i'm new to this

    I signed up on my aim e-mail for my registration, and I never got my 25 diget number, and it's really starting to bother me,

    is there a problem with my aim e-mail account,

    is there a way to change my e-mail to my yahoo e-mail so i can get my confermation number and then I can go back to my old one? how come this is really hard?

    please pm me if my e-mail isn't working i really need this code
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    Hello and welcome MelissaMimimano
    Sorry to hear your having some trouble.
    Forgive the obvious question but have you checked your junk mail/spam folder/s of your email account to see if its in there?
    This forum page here may also be of help perhaps:
    It deals with tracking down serial numbers depending on where you purchased ArtRage and which version.
    The section regarding if you purchased from Ambient Design directly has a link to there Help & Support contact page.
    Alternately you can send an email to them here:
    Good luck!
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    thank you,

    I hope they e-mail me back with the number so i don't have to jump through hoops I just wish these sort of things would come easy

    all i need is the damned number to set up and then i'll be happy and set up my pics here for all to see, but I can't do that until i get my number

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