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Thread: Artrage vs. Real world painting?

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    Question Artrage vs. Real world painting?

    Hi fellow ArtRagers.

    I was wondering, because I plan to paint real-life oil's, how good is the "simulation" of blending and brush strokes in ArtRage?

    My plan has always been to paint in real-life. I feel that using ArtRage already have taught me something about colors, and how we think we see them. Ex. white is not white and black is not black

    Any thoughts and wisdom are welcome.


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    Hi Barnabas,
    maybe one solution is your monitor. Is your monitor good for adobe RGB?

    Look on the LG monitor lg-27EA83 D-led-monitor

    This is one of many monitors that is 99% compatible to Adobe RGB,
    so white is white and black is black.

    Hope that helps.

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