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Thread: How was my painting collation?

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    How was my painting collation?

    I Made one Painting and its name Oil painting splash colors

    How was my painting collation? waiting for your reply.....

    Name:  oil-painting-splash-colors_3.jpg
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    Welcome in here, dear pollockian-new-mate! I like it very much!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Painted with Art Rage or a real splashy one on canvas? I can't tell.

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    Always fun to do.

    Reminds me of the modern art in the fifties .

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    Thank you guys for giving valuable comment.

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    Definitely brings up comparisons with Jackson Pollack. It's very interesting how you put it into perspective. Removes it one step from looking at a 2 dimensional painting only, but rather as if I'm looking into a room with a painting on the wall. Nice illusion.
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