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Thread: A place to put my more finsihed pieces (New: "Orange" - it is, quite)

  1. A place to put my more finsihed pieces (New: "Orange" - it is, quite)

    I've had a speedpainting thread up for a while, and it's got quite a lot in it, and I like how easy it is to look through, so I'll do the same for my other work from now on I think, at least the Art Rage related stuff. I don't do finished pieces as often as I might like (or should), so there will likely be quite a gap in submissions here.

    To recap, I have other threads for older stuff; I may as well correlate those here before adding the new stuff in the next post. In order:

    Captain America
    Why so Blue?
    Cards: His and Hers
    The Impossible Amy Pond
    Greek Hats?
    Facebook Profile Portraits
    One Little Pony
    The Boys
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  2. (Grave) Yard Haunt

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_grave_yard_haunt__commision__by_harlequinqb-d53iscy.jpg 
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    This one is a commission for a friend. He and his wife do a Yard Haunt every year at Halloween (they turn their garden into a monster museum) and he asked me to paint a scene with their zombies in the style of a 50's painted comic cover for his Wife's birthday.

  3. After the Radio Times

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	after_the_radio_times_by_harlequinqb-d5oxkgz.jpg 
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    This was a commission for a Doctor Who fanzine, based on publicity photography for the 1972 Radio Times feature on The Three Doctors (The original three, as opposed to the new three seen here).

  4. A Pirates Life

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PiratesLife-1080.jpg 
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ID:	78412

    A personal piece based on the stock photograph by Dingelientje-stock.

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    Great job on all of your 'Finished Pieces' in this new thread! I'm still getting over the 'WOW' factor from
    the 'LightSpeed' thread!
    Like them all!
    'A Pirates Life' outrageously perfect!

    Take Care and enjoy your Holidays!

    P.S. Enjoyed your Blog!... And anyone that can drop a quote from BR that quick, is certainly a friend of mine! 'Damn', I love that movie!

    Working on 'Rach':
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    I had to raise my jaw with my hand before I could start my comment, dear mate. Your finished paintings are amazing, excellent, super-professionally finished. Congrats once more!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Good to see you back and with such amazing paintings. They are jaw droppingly beautiful
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

    My Gallery

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    Just superb paintings!

  9. Thank you kindly (I do hope you didn't hurt your jaws too badly - this was certainly not my intention). I have some more, but I think they can wait until after Christmas to share

    Thanks again, and have a very happy holiday

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    Wow. That one Pirate's Life is super. Love the garment especially how you handled the white. The head is really nice as well. I think the color choice is good. The red hair pulls me in. Has a really distinct flavor overall. Can almost tell her mannerisms from the 'clues' to her personality you placed. Nice background color for her as well. Almost feels unreal in a real way as if looking at a model of a particular type as if I were getting ready to populate a story.

    Oh, and I just started on the second season of the new Dr Who so I can appreciate that combination. I assume the one on the right follows the one in the middle. I've not gotten there yet.

    The Halloween one is less threatening. More along the level of Beetlejuice style characters. Not entirely threatening, but quirky as heck.
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