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Thread: More paintings with my kids

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    More paintings with my kids

    Figured I'd share some non-b&w stuff too.

    His one is a funny goblin sketch I started with my oldest daughter. His name is Croquill, the horned scribe of Guz.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a dry brush painting I did with my youngest. It's black and white but in a completely different vein than what I've been practicing.

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    And this one is work in progress of a painting of my son for Christmas, with him standing in for Peter Pan and my youngest as tinker bell. I'd like to fit my oldest in there as Wendy but I think it would clutter the composition too much.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was taken back to the days of using a Croquill pen to scratch out a drawing or two and wrestle (in a fun way) with demons of my own
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    these are wonderful drawings and great to involve your family, they must love it

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    Hey Chris!
    'Painting with the kid's sessions', I like the new additions and specially 'Croquill'.
    Say hello to Pan, Tinker, Hook and Mr. Smee! You have to post the finished ones when there
    Take Care,

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