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Thread: Old Novice Needs Help

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    Old Novice Needs Help

    Everybody on this forum is obviously way ahead of me. I have downloaded my Install ArtRage4 about 8 times. I cannot seem to keep it on the computer (OSX 10.9) without having to load it up every time I log out. I cannot find previous painting I did couple days ago. I have had Artrage about a week now. Today I ordered the CD hoping that would stay on permanently when it arrives. Verizon does not stay online so well here and uploading every time is a drag. If the CD will solve this, great, otherwise I feel like I am dealing with Dell-Phillipines, which is why I finally got rid of Windows for good. I followed the direction best I can via Tools and all, about 6 times, but just can't seem to get a permanent icon where I can paint and keep the work. Registering was enough of a labyrinth. If anyone can help, please and thank you.

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    I think I may just have replied to your support mail - It sounds like you are launching ArtRage from the folder that appears when you click the installer. While that will work, it doesn't install the software on your computer. To install, drag the ArtRage icon in that folder on to the Applications folder icon next to it. This copies the app to the Applications folder and you can then launch it whenever you need to (and without an internet connection) from the applications folder on your computer, or via the launchpad.

    In the ArtRage File Menu you should see a list of recently used files, that will allow you to open your last painting. If you need to find it on your computer, go to the Finder and use Spotlight (press Cmd and Space) and type the name of the painting and the system should locate it for you. ArtRage paintings are stored by default in a folder called ArtRage Paintings in your Documents folder.
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