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Thread: Adding colour profiles in Photoshop

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    Adding colour profiles in Photoshop


    I have painted quite a few paintings in Artrage and am currently trying to get them printed by a professional printer. Unfortunately, because my images do not have a colour profile the printer is having to do a bit on guesswork on what colour they should be. (The printer is not local to me).

    I need to be able to put a colour profile in my images so that they look the same on whatever computer I view them on and also that they print out the same colour as I see them on my screen. Is it possible to do this with the Photoshop software? I don't have Photoshop at the moment so I would need to purchase it. It seems fairly expensive and I do not know which version I would need to be able to add colour profiles.

    Does anyone else use Photoshop for this purpose? I would appreciate your help.

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    The good news is that there are many image editing apps other than PhotoShop that can assign profiles.

    For Mac users it's not a problem as both Preview and ColorSync can do it and come built into Mac OSX.
    Pixelmator. A complete image editing/painting app. MacAppStore 20.99/$29.99
    XnConvert. A free image editing app for Windows/Mac/Linux.
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    Thank you Markw for your reply.

    I will have a look at XnConvert as hopefully I can work out how to go about using colour profiles.

    Many thanks

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    If you export your painting as a TIFF file doesn't it get assigned a color profile? I recently sent a painting to be printed and this issue never came up. I export my painting as a tiff file in art rage and sent that to the printer. I didn't even think to look to see what the profile was. The proof they sent back was very close to my on screen painting. Maybe a touch dark but the color was very good.

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