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Thread: how to create/color outline of square?

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    how to create/color outline of square?

    It seems like a simple task, but I can't see an easy way to create a colored outline on a square.

    1. I used the select tool to draw a square and filled it with white, now I would like to outline it.

    2. I can draw straight lines around the box, but it is not exact.

    Hope that there is an easy solution to this...

    -IT Jane

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    ArtRage doesn't have a feature that would automatically trace an outline. Being a simple square shape, the easiest method would be to create a stencil out of the layer the square is on, set the stencil to "Guide" or "Ruler" mode (depending on whether you want the line to bleed under the stencil, or not), and then using the stencil to trace out your outline. For the more oddly shaped edges, you might be able to use the method shown in this video I made: Creating Comic Text Bubbles in ArtRage
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