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Thread: Tried the crooked lines

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    Tried the crooked lines

    Would have posted a pic but the demo limits...

    Basically even if I draw really fast the lines come out crooked.
    So drawing on slow is even more terrible...(its like I'm a kid again lol)

    I'm using a tablet monitor, the Bosto 19MA. The mouse works ok.

    I need fast replies because the Steam version is on sale now.

    Well, somebody on steam says try uninstalling and reinstalling but the lines are now jagged (pixelized)
    Is this a demo problem?
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    The general jagged path of the lines could relate to tablet drivers - Have you checked that you have the latest available from the vendor? If you have, or if that does not help, could you drop us a note at and we can help troubleshoot to find out what the problem is. If you do that, please send us a small sample painting so we can see the pixellation in the lines and we should be able to help.
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    Sent an email, thanks!

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