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Thread: How to adjust zoom increments?

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    How to adjust zoom increments?

    Hello again!

    Is there a way to adjust zoom increments? On the menu panel it jumps from 10% to 25% to 50% to 75%. I would like to have more control over it - smaller increments.

    Using 4.0.4

    -IT Jane

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    You can use the Canvas Positioner or the keyboard shortcut methods. For the Canvas position, you just have to open the panel/puck, by going up to the file menu and clicking on the Canvas Positioner icon. With that open, you just left click and drag over the Magnifier icon (see image attachment). For the keyboard shortcut, you just hold down the shift key (on your keyboard) and then hold down you right mouse button and drag over the canvas (this produces the same effect as the Canvas Petitioners zoom).

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