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Thread: How to unhide stencil?

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    How to unhide stencil?

    I am trying to unhide a stencil using version 4.0.4. I came across a thread that said to use the F5 or F6 key - I am using a PC. No Luck - any advice?


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    Hello again itjane!
    I think you will need to set those shortcut keys up yourself. I know I had to.
    In AR go to Edit > Set Keyboard Shortcuts…
    In the window that opens navigate down to 'Stencil Commands'. Move your cursor over the action you want to set a key command for and you will see a "+" icon appear. Click on it and you will then be allowed to enter your desired shortcut.
    After setting them you will have to restart AR for them to take effect.
    Note, if you want to use any of the 'F' keys don't forget to hold down the 'fn' key as well (normally lurking in the bottom left corner of the keyboard) to bypass any OS system defaults that may be associated with them.
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    As Markw has explained, in ArtRage Studio and AR4, the shortcuts can be changed by the user. Another method you can use to show a specific stencil, is via the stencil panel. The default shortcut to open the panel is the "F" key I believe, but you may also open it by clicking on the Stencil pod. From there, you will see any active stencils you have under the "Active" group and can toggle their visibility by clicking on the eye icon for each individual stencil. The panel may remain open while you work, so by keeping it onscreen you just click the toggle for whichever stencil you need.
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    Thank you both! I used all the suggestions successfully. Yes, I am familiar with the fn key. At a glance, the only F key being used is F1 for the Artrage manual and Ctrl + F1 for support.

    I am having so much fun with ArtRage, and trying to go so fast, that in the first time in my life I ever felt the need for shortcut keys! Thanks again!

    -IT Jane

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