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Thread: print on demand - my flesh color is green, color guidance on color picker

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    print on demand - my flesh color is green, color guidance on color picker

    I will admit up front, working with color is not my strong point.

    I uploaded some things to Zazzle and received back a card where the yellow objects appear as more of a lime-green and what I thought was peachy-flesh color was also a lime-green face. What I thought was a sunshine yellow also leaned toward a more lime-green. I did some reading that the CMYK printing process will tend to make things a bit darker, and it did. I was pleasantly surprised how nice my colors looked and were very closely preserved, except the ones explained. I read where orange can be a challenge for CMYK process.

    I am very confused about the color picker options in ArtRage (under Tools>Color Options) and was hoping for some guidance which color option I should be using, or advice how I should be approaching this so it doesn't happen again. I know about handy little tools that can help you color pick, such as Nattyware Pixie, but I would think I would run into the same problem by "eyeballing" it, only to find later my art has printed out in a sick color.

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    The colour options in ArtRage only define how the colour picker looks - They have no effect on the final output. Regardless of which picker you choose the colour you apply is the same.

    It sounds to me as if the print shop has applied an odd colour profile to the image. ArtRage does no internal colour management so they need to apply whatever profile your screen is using (probably SRGB) in order to get as close as possible to what you see on the screen.
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