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Thread: Clouds over Gabon

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    Clouds over Gabon

    ... this was done on a mini-iPad non-retina in AR with the pencil tool over a digitized image of tinted paper ... inspired by a family photograph of a storm approaching during rainy season ...
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    now that I like Pete are U trying to convert me Jainkang

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    We live way up high in the hill Pete, with a big view that allows us to watch the approaching weather. I can see where you're coming from and it works really well!

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    Skies and clouds are among the most fantastic palettes, patterns, textures and abstracts we may enjoy and You certainly captured here the visual essence and the feeling of what the title says (although I cannot precisely say whether it's over Gabon or Ghana or Ivory Coast ). I often take shots of the sky and clouds over my terrace, especially with bad weather and at sunsets when You may see the most weird and alien formations, gamuts and "divine brushstrokes" ...
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