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Thread: Going to teach an digital art class using artrage

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    Going to teach an digital art class using artrage

    I've tried a few options, and think that artrage is the best all around for those who wish to paint, draw etc, digitally, and so I have been interested in offering a class in my area. I'm a former art teacher. I don't want to be involved in the school system anymore, but I'd love to teach community ed classes or the like and this is something that I haven't seen anyone offer.

    I've tried this before, and didn't get a very good response from the local art community. I found a small artspace in a nearby community, that is a much more progressive creative sort of small city. Below I will outline my basic plan. If anyone has any experience in this area and would comment here, or PM me I would greatly appreciate it.

    We are planning to offer a 2 hour class on a Sat. morning. Cost is yet to be decided, but it will have to be $25-$40 dollars to cover the space and be in line with other teachers using the space.

    the class will be open to Ipad, or those with laptops (PC or MAC) Students will be directed to the artrage website to purchase the software, or download the free trial. I will offer telephone support, if needed, so they will arrive ready to paint.
    I will cover the basics, of opening and sizing a new canvas, canvas textures, and saving. I will go over the basic tools, that are common to both the full version and the IPad version. Students will be encouraged to work while I talk, trying things out. I will talk about wet and dry paint with watercolors and oils, layers, and the different palette knife options. I will just touch on printing options, and then suggest that there is much more that we could cover in later classes. I would then like to do 2-3 sessions that are more project oriented, and that will delve into more advanced techniques, using paint symmetry, stickers and stencils, blend modes, the reference palette, and scraps for mixing.

    Again if anyone can offer any advice or help of any sort, I am open to hearing from you, either in this thread or as a PM.

    Thanks, Elaine

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    Hi Elaine, I think there was another thread on this some months back, with some good suggestions.

    Edit: It was your thread, maybe revisit that again.
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    Know your target age/tech savvy. I think there may still be those who can be intimidated by learning software.

    One of the main things you need to do is get people to take the class. So you have to characterize it in a way that addresses what people want to do, how they want to spend an evening. I have nightmares about Adobe Illustrator classes that just frustrated me and didn't scratch my artistic itch. I won't take another class for that kind of thing because the class was such a frustrating turn off. I thought I needed to know that program which is why I took it -- a sort of professional direction.

    And because Illustrator was a professional graphic design program we had people wanting to learn it for business, to get a job.

    ArtRage is more for the artist -- the hobbyist, I *think*. Or at least it's likely those are the people who would take the class because the program is far less daunting than Illustrator, and I don't know that there are a lot of job classifieds asking for someone who knows ArtRage. Maybe there are. But you're likely going to pull in people who want to do art and have some fun, who maybe don't know the computer all that well. In-house art departments wouldn't generally need picture making artists so much as buy it from a freelancer. Naturally it isn't always the case, but it's likely the artist themselves who would choose ArtRage. So appeal to the artist, says I.

    Make it fun.
    Keep it simple.
    Give them reachable goals that will inspire them.

    I could be wrong, but you might want to decide whether you want to make the primary appeal of the class about learning a program or learning art. Is this a hobbyist situation giving a twist on doing art? If so, I would emphasize how the program can hold their hand and take them way farther to a finished looking piece of art than traditional materials in shorter time and without a super analytic mind. Appeal to the artist. And show them how ArtRage is a tool for artists at all levels.

    I would come in first class and give them something to see how they do. And then you can thereafter craft the class to where the class is and what is the best marriage between.

    Anyway, that's how I would approach it. Show how easy and playful it is.
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    Or, you could get an afro and paint happy clouds and trees with little friends. Interesting concept, someone should try it. Just sayin.

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    Hi Elaine, wishing you the best on your endeavour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gms9810 View Post
    Or, you could get an afro and paint happy clouds and trees with little friends. Interesting concept, someone should try it. Just sayin.
    Thanks Bob!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gms9810 View Post
    Or, you could get an afro and paint happy clouds and trees with little friends. Interesting concept, someone should try it. Just sayin.
    Yes!...Thank you Bob Ross for encouraging so many to get interested in painting!
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