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    That is usually my subject and you are probably totally sick of it

    I tried to paint with water by turning art pen off, and turning wetness to 100 percent, and using the colour white; but that does not work for me. What am I doing that is stupid?

    Right now I am trying to blend by using colours that are VERY close to each other, with the crayon or the pen, but I could make more nicer pictrures and faster if I could just figure out how to blend.

    Thank you for ArtRage

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    Here's how I do it.
    with the papergrain set to nothing or close to smooth paper,I use the crayon tool.
    For the settings, I use "pressure 15%" and "softness" between 17 and somewhere begin 20%.
    The smaller the value ,the better the blending works.You can help it too by using almost no pressure on you tablet, if you have one.
    It works by just using the mouse, but I cannot draw with that.

    hope this helps
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