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Thread: how to make script as close as possible to actual painting?

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    Mar 2012

    how to make script as close as possible to actual painting?

    Hello, I love painting on the ipad with artrage, but playback of the script at a larger size in artrage 4 on a mac produces different results:

    Script on the left, actual painting on the right
    Name:  Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 11.14.22 AM.png
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Size:  110.2 KB Name:  actual.jpg
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    Does anyone know of any tips or hints I can use to make the script closer to the actual painting?



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    It looks like the script was exported before the painting was finished - If you export the script from it now do you get the same results? If you do, could you drop us a mail ( and we can look over it for you.
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    Thanks Matt, I will send an email to support!

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