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Thread: Female Knight

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    Female Knight

    Watercolor n Airbrush as usual.

    another attempt to bring anime character into semi-realism style ~

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great work and exceptional eyes. Well done
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    Love it, really well done, oh those eyes.

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    Perfect with one little exception. The eye on our left is the shadow side of the face (however diffuse the light is), and the eye is round and turns away from the light source, and the stroke indicating the white of the eye there is too bright and flattens it forward, losing somewhat the illusion of volume. The context of that side of the face calls for a slightly darker white for the eye, especially when compared with the eye on the right.

    Everything else is great. I love your stylization, and yes, the eyes otherwise are very well done, especially the one on the right. Great attitude. Very sexy and super hero like. The nose and mouth are out of this world good.
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    You did a great job again here! Obviously D Akey's onbservations and suggestions are right and always to be treasured and most of us are, certainly me, years grateful to him because he helps and supports since years our improvements as amateur artist or illustrators with a unique professional mastery and knowledge.
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    I like it, especially the blue eyes. I find the "real anime" approach very interesting

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    Good and a lot of promises...

    Quote Originally Posted by fatelineAlpha View Post
    Watercolor n Airbrush as usual. another attempt to bring anime character into semi-realism style ~
    I like your painting very much. I am, although old, very fond of japanese manga and anime. Oldies like Nakashava and Miyazaki of course. But I like very much younger artists. These are great and they all have their own style. The style is spread all over south east Asia and of course in the western World. But it never looks the same over here, does it? Still Miyazaki is inspired by Europena Culture and tales. But what could be more Anime than all his great films. I have them all. By the way, have you seen Iblard Jikan? It is a remarkable piece of animated stills by Studio Gihbli. Have a look at the artist's own site. Naohisa Inoue made all these great and very special paintings.

    Here are some good images to have a look at (russian site, but it is no difficulties in that)... : = my favourite

    Tell me what you think...and keep on painting...good and lot of promises!
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