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Thread: copyright symbol and text

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    copyright symbol and text

    I would like to use a copyright symbol along with typing some text with it. When I look at font settings I get all the fonts installed on my laptop and have to tediously scroll slowly through them. In my old CorelDraw program I could highlight my text and instantly see from the font roster what the font of my text line would look like. Is there any such feature in ArtRage?

    I suppose I could make some copies of fonts and load them into a folder so I am only referencing what I need or use on a regular basis instead of the whole encyclopedia.

    Any thoughts on a more pleasant approach and some way to see special symbols in ArtRage?

    -IT Jane

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    ArtRage doesn't have a feature such as that, unfortunately. I prefer to use a program called AMP Font Viewer, when searching for which fonts to use. You can see the font styles and glyphs they have and you can change the size and sample text you see (so you can put your © symbol in, to see what it looks like for each font). You can even copy and paste the text from AMP to ArtRage. Just use AR's text tool to start a text layer and then paste into it.
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    Thanks for the tip! -IT Jane

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    PC/MAC copyright symbol

    I found this today, I was able to type in a copyright symbol. I still used the AMP Font Viewer to type my string and paste into ArtRage. Off the web:

    "If you're using a PC you can find this stuff out pretty easily. Click the start button and go to Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map. Click on any character in the character map and it will show you (on the bottom right) what keystrokes will get the character you want.

    P.S. I think Macs use a KeyCaps application"

    -IT Jane
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    Ah KeyCaps, brings back memories…
    Good tip IT Jane but "KeyCaps" has long since past away on Macs.
    To access things like the copyright symbol when using AR's text tool, Mac users can open 'Keyboard Viewer' instead. Click on the little flag in the OS menu bar at the top right of the screen and choose 'Keyboard Viewer' from the drop down menu.
    Now hold down the 'Option' key and you will see the floating Keyboard Viewer show which symbols a associated with which keys.
    Keeping the Option key down, hit say the 'G' key and you will get the copyright symbol in your AR text.
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