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Thread: Margin guides "Pretty please"

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    Margin guides "Pretty please"

    At the moment Artrage has no margin guides which is frustrating. The problem is when your illustrating double page spreads and want to avoid the centre of the page for elements in your drawing you have to guess or have a second layer containing hand drawn guides. The bleed area also can be a problem as you want to avoid over working areas that are just going to get cut off by the printer. The next problem is if you make a second layer to hold your guides it is very slow toggling the layers visibility when working at high-res.

    It would be great to have margins and bleed settings for visual reference and a hot key to turn them on and off.

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    A workaround that may help you in your current version, would be to set your guideline grid as a Tracing Layer, rather then a regular layer. Images set up as a Tracing Layer are not directly tied to the main canvas so hiding them is quicker, because they do not interact with ArtRages 3d light rendering. And since it's a tracing layer, the layer in not displayed as a layer with the Layer Panel; it's shown on the Tracing Panel window, so you'll have quick access to finding it. Even better, you can set up a shortcut key to toggle it's visibility.
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    Thanks I totally forgot about using the trace image feature.

    It is still a workaround however and you have to construct a template in another program like Photoshop before making it a trace image. Hopefully well get this in an update soon.

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