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Thread: Drag & Drop images?

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    Drag & Drop images?

    Out of curiosity as to if it would work, I tried to D&D an image from FireFox into ArtRage4. Huzzah! It worked! Well, it appeared to, anyway... I got a message asking what I would like to do with the dropped image: Import to file or layer, create tracing image or create a reference image. I was attempting to create a reference image.

    Regardless of which option I select, nothing seems to happen. No reference image is created, if I select the layer option nothing is loaded into a new or existing layer. Same with the other two options. If I select the "Import to File" option it asks if I want to save or discard my current project. I just tried it again while I'm typing this and am now getting the error: "Generic Failure. An error occurred attempting to open the requested file."

    I have tried restarting AR4, no luck. Dragging and dropping from a local folder (not from the web browser) seems to work fine.

    Is it just not possible to grab an image straight from the browser window?

    Running Windows 8.1, Wacom Intuos Pro, ArtRage 4. Dragging image from FireFox 25.0

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    You won't be able to drag images from Firefox into ArtRage, so I'd suggest dragging an image to your desktop, then you can drag the file into ArtRage directly.
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