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Thread: Layers disappear?

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    Layers disappear?


    Two students report layers are gone from their file when reopening the painting?
    Any idea what is happening? They are using 4 on Fujitsu and MB pro. I can send a screen shot.

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    Hi there,

    If the layers are no longer in the paintings, this would be caused either by saving being interrupted by something e.g. a crash, shutdown or power outage so the file was unable to be completely saved ( in which case the file would either fail to load or would load blank typically with an error message ), or the version with the additional layers wasn't saved, so the previous version is the only one available on the disk. Unless there's a specific error message, unfortunately a screenshot of the painting won't provide any information on the cause. If all layers are gone it would be worthwhile making sure that they are saving in ArtRage's native format rather than exporting their work to a standard image format ( File -> Save As rather than File -> Export Image ), as exported image formats won't support layers.
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