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    Diving in quick with this one......Injustice.
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    Hi, dear Pete! Nice to hear and see from You! Your artpieces are always really special! Love it! I hope the title doesn't refer to some legal issue though ...
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    The painting is remarkably intriguing as an image. I think it speaks as if a vision of dancing embers in a smoke/sweat lodge, as a symbolic message piece -- where it appears as glowing red blood cells that hold the DNA imprint of the predator, of the victor over millennia of feeding off of others. And with that coursing through our veins as human organisms, it's in the blood, as it were, to take whatever we want no matter from whence. And therein lies the purpose of the concept of Justice. To fight the individualistic lower urges that threaten Peace. To not reward those who break the code. And to defend it.

    Another interpretation though, using a Native American image, still of blood cells, the image in the clearest-to-read cell we can see looks like it possesses the Spirit of the Hawk or Eagle or some powerful ally from the natural world. And that Spirit is empowering us, helping us rise to the occasion. So let's flip it from showing the predator coming at us, rather to the warrior inside us rising to the challenge to defend ourselves. The image of the Hawk or the Eagle is one of altitude and overlooking, keen vision, quick moving.

    Strong painting.

    A battle on the level of the Archetype playing out down to the cell level.
    Persevere, Pete.
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