We have just uploaded the new 3.5.10 update for ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro. The main reason for the update was to resolve some problems that appeared with the release of OS X Mavericks. Windows users have the option to update but the only change on Windows is a change to the Check for Updates system.


  1. Fixed a bug that prevented canvas and window updates during painting on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  2. Fixed a bug that prevented Check for Updates working on OS X Mavericks. Check for Updates now works via our website rather than internal to the application.

Important Note for OS X 10.9 Users:

Changes to the way multi-monitor support is handled in OS X 10.9 Mavericks mean that there is one issue that cannot be resolved internal to ArtRage at this point in time.

In situations where you have more than one monitor on your computer, and the external monitor is set to be laid out to the right of the main monitor, and ArtRage is launched on the main monitor, panels that appear at the right hand side of the ArtRage window such as Layers and Swatches may not appear when opened.

We have been researching this and at this point it appears to be an OS level problem. There are three workarounds:

  1. Move the second monitor to the Left of the main monitor in your Monitor Layout (we understand that this is inconvenient if the physical monitor is to the right).
  2. Move the main ArtRage window to the Second monitor. Note that this may still result in the panels being invisible sometimes.
  3. Turn off 'Displays have separate Spaces' (see below).

10.9 introduces the concept that each Display has its own set of Spaces. This appears to be causing the problem with panels not being visible when opened. To turn this feature off, open up the Settings app from the Dock and in the Mission Control section turn off 'Displays have separate Spaces'. This causes the different monitors to share the same space and allows panels to open correctly.

Please note: ArtRage 4 does not require this setting to be turned off and should work correctly in multi-monitor setups.

Downloading The Update:

You can download the update directly from our Member Area, or if you purchased ArtRage on Steam the update will be downloaded automatically if you are using ArtRage on OS X. For instructions on how to download from the Member Area, see this thread: http://forums.artrage.com/showthread.php?41712