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Thread: Save Button in Menu Bar

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    Save Button in Menu Bar

    It would be extremely useful for those who, like me, uses only pen (tablet pc), without keyboard.

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    To take your idea further, a button bar would be great to have. The buttons would be user configurable. Being able to turn symmetry on/off, flipping the canvas, etc… would save a lot of menu-pulling fatigue.

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    Save button

    That is a great suggestion. I think there will be more "pen only" users in the future. I use a surface pro with a stylus. A convenient button would help me save painting frequently which I sometimes fail to do.

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    Those are great suggestions and I'm sure the ArtRage team will consider them. In the meantime, maybe some of you would be interested in the ArtRage Pen-Only Toolbar that Steve B and I developed? It does quite a few of the things you mention, and more! Just look for it in the Art Supplies section.

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