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Thread: Need Help Please

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    Need Help Please

    Okay so today I tried to use Artrage Studio 3 version 3.5.9 and the stylus is lagging terribly. I have never had any problems with Artrage until today. I'm using the software on iMac OS X Version 10.9. All of my other drawing programs that came with my Intuos Pen and Touch tablet (Sketchbook express, Photoshop Elements, Nik Color Efex) don't lag at all. Basically what'll happen is I'll try to draw and the cursor won't even appear on the canvas and pen marks will only appear after I've completed my full stroke. So basically I'll be drawing and nothing will happen until about 1-2 seconds after I actually take the pen off of the tablet itself and trying to erase something is twice as slow as that. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Artrage twice and I have even tried upgrading to a more up to date version of Artrage Studio 3 but it keeps happening no matter what I do. Any help Please?

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    Hello and welcome DragonFang145
    Have you seen this forum post:
    Sounds like AR's programers might be looking for people just like you to help get Studio and/or Studio Pro working on Mavericks.
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