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Thread: Halloween: Scarecrow Playing Guitar

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    Halloween: Scarecrow Playing Guitar

    Hi all. I believe this is the first time I posted here. Here is an ArtRage painting I did of a scarecrow playing a guitar in a cornfield, with two crows and two scarecrows watching him. I did this painting a few weeks ago.

    Peace all,

    - Sea Serpent Illustrations

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    Hi. Ross. Yeah it looks me on a good day. But you'll have to change a few things. The sweet corn and pumpkins will become pebbles as I'm on the beach the two goys in swimming. Showing off in front of
    Their girl friends The crows are seagulls looking to what bits of sandwich I have dropped. As for the
    Geetar. Have to be my IPad. Plus. If I sat cross legged. I would still be there when the tide comes
    In. Ok. Have you got the picture. A t plus. . SLAINTE

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    A lovely image and a perfect illustration for a children book. Welcome!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Thats so cute and so well done but I am afraid he looks too sweet to scare anyone
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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