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Thread: Get error message when try to import image file

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    Get error message when try to import image file

    I went to use ArtRage today after not using it in a while. I did not get far. I opened a blank canvas then tried numerous times to import an image. I have done it successfully many times before but not today.
    As usual, I went to the File menu and clicked on 'Import Image File'.
    All I got is an error message "An error occurred on attempting to read/write date from/to a file". It then states "ArtRage failed to open a location on disc. You may need to restart the application."
    I closed and reopened ArtRage several times. I also rebooted my computer several times. Still the same error message.
    Out of curiosity I also tried to import an image file to layer with the exact same result.
    I am using 3.5.2 Studio Pro (full version) on a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.
    Any suggestions how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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    This error would tend to indicate that either there's a problem with the Windows component 'GDI+' which may have been affected by another application or that your Windows 'my documents' folder has been moved to a different location.

    As this will require some more in depth troubleshooting could you email me at with the following information:

    -If the problem occurs immediately when you click the import option in the file menu. This sounds like what is happening, in which case there is no need to send me the additional information below as well.

    If it only occurs after selecting a file when importing and choosing to open it, let me know:

    -The filename and format of a file you're trying to import ( e.g. testimage, a jpg file )
    -Whether the problem occurs with multiple image files
    -Whether the problem occurs with image files you place on your desktop ( in case there's a problem importing from a specific location )
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