Hi guys,

So I've been using the rulers a lot for perspective work lately and I find myself wishing for an easier way to hide and show the various rulers I want. Now I realize that I can hide and show them using the stencil panel, but that takes up a lot of space on the canvas and it can be difficult to find one ruler out of a number of other, similar rulers. There's also the keyboard shortcuts that allow for hiding and showing all of the stencils/rulers, but once I show them all, I have to hide the other stencils by right clicking on them and selecting to hide them, one at a time. So here's what I was thinking, and I'd love to hear what other users think about the idea, too...

So here's the set up for my example:

Say you have one visible ruler on the stage that you'd like to hide and have 2 more, out of about 15 other hidden rulers, that you'd like to make visible.

Here's what I'd like to be able to do:

So to toggle which rulers and stencils I see, I hold down a hot key to temporarily show all of my rulers and stencils. With all of them now visible (because I'm still holding the hot key), I can then left click (or tap with my stylus) the assortment of rulers and stencils I have, toggling their current visibility status either on or off (depending on their current status). When I let go of the hot key, the rulers that were hidden, but had been tapped, will now be shown, while those rulers that were already visible, and also tapped, will now become hidden. Any rulers that were hidden, but not tapped, will remain hidden of course.

Now I realize there would probably be a problem with this, if a person has a number of texture-like stencils on the canvas, because they tend to be very large and would likely be overlapping each other to the point of not being able to click on some of them. But in those cases, once could always fall back on the stencil panel option. That, or it may be overcome with a type of menu system, similar to those used in programs like Photoshop, for finding layers. The idea being, if you were click on area where three stencils overlapped, a menu would come up with a label for each of them (so for this example, since there are 3 layers, there menu would have 1, 2, and 3 listed on it). Dragging the cursor down the menu would highlight the stencil that corresponded to that number, and releasing the mouse button would toggle the show/hide value for the highlighted stencil from the bunch.