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Thread: Gestures not working on Reference Window HELP

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    Gestures not working on Reference Window HELP

    Hi Everyone,

    Scaling and Rotation gestures do not work on reference picures. If I try to rotate or pinch to zoom on the ref. picture the canvas below it is affected and not the ref. picture! The ref. image reacts only to movement after after double clicking on with the three fingers drag gesture if enabled. Oddly this kind of gesture (the three fingers) done over the canvas actually triggers the painting... I've tried everything but nothing

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I have win7 64 bit, Artrege 4 updated, Wacom Intuos Pro M with latest drivers, in Artrage "user realtime stylus" is checked, "use wintab" unchecked, "use window gestures" checked.

    Thank You


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    We don't process a three finger gesture so that will be treated as a paint stroke on the canvas. If you're seeing the canvas affected by two finger gestures then it's likely that gestures aren't being processed properly at all (the operating system manages certain gestures and automatically translates them to other operations, which is probably what you're seeing).

    If you are using the Intuos as your touch input device then you should switch Realtime Stylus off and Wintab on in the ArtRage preferences. That may resolve the problem, if it doesn't drop an email to us ( and we can do some troubleshooting to find out where the issue is.
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