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Thread: Request: Brush size in sticker spray

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    Request: Brush size in sticker spray

    Hey guys,

    I'm using the sticker spray to create these weird sketches and I was hoping to use very high resolution brushes. But I hit the limitation of the brush grid size pretty quickly (max size accepted was 15 000 x 10 000). Could the sticker sheet be constructed from individual numbered images or something, so I could load VERY high resolution brushes in ArtRage but still spray random stuff on the canvas.

    The stuff I do is based heavily on randomness:
    Name:  demo-600.png
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    EDIT: Maybe a possibility to combine sticker-sheets into one preset? Then I could make a couple of HD brush sheets and just make the tool pick randomly from those four sheets? Hmm ... This is approaching a brainfart very fast ...

    EDIT2: Destroying a couple of brainfarts.
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