This ruler tool woud be great: a combination of a ruler, a pair of compasses and a protractor tool, where the position is centered at the midpoint of the protractor. This tool is found in Infinite Painter and works great!

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My older wishes/suggestions are: I sometimes use ArtRage for animation. I modify an image a little, export it as PNG, modify it a little, export it, modify, export, and so on. If there was an " Iterative Save" and "Iterative Export" it would be of great help and save a lot of time...just hit one shortcut key and save the picture it as one of the sequential numbered files. Like in Painter.

Another great idea is "Export all Layers as individual Files". (This can be done in Gimp with a plug in.) That way I could make a sequence, e.g. a walk cycle, on say 16 layers, and then save them all with one single command

Also: Turning the layers into ”onion skin layers”, to make underlying layers fade out, lets say the 2 or 3 lower layers, to make it easy to trace underlying layers.

One great Corel Painter functionality is the "jitter setting" which adds randomness and an organic and more natural look to the brushes. How about that in ArtRage, to get a even more organic look to some brushes?

ArtRage would benefit from "Multiple Documents" like in Painter and Photoshop. It would be of a a big help and add a better workflow. If I could have more that one document open at the same time and easily switch back and fro from one to Another, to get things done at several images whitout having to close and open, close and open, close and open would speed up things a lot.

And; no cropping please! If I import a picture and transfom it, it gets cropped. In Painter it remains the original size all the time, even after closing the image file.

Best wishes from Henry Stahle.