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    Portrait WIP


    I've been stuck on my first portrait for a while (I don't do facial hair very well I guess... ) So a while back I decided to start a different (read: easier) portrait and get back to the other one when I get a little more experience with the program. So what do you think? Hair is not my strong suit, so any ideas on how to make the hair a little less "drawn" and a little more realistic?

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    I'm pretty happy with it so far. here is the original:

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    And on a little side note, I didn't forget the soul patch, I left it off per request from the man himself.

    Thoughts? Thank you! ^_^

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    You're doing an excellent job. I would change the light spots in the eye from the centre to off-centre, and it will show more pupil and look more realistic.

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    I keep forgetting about this place... LOL!

    Thank you for the response Copespeak! I'll try that this weekend.

    In the mean time, I did work on it some more. Here's what I have now. Not sure if I will still work on the shirt or not, since it doesn't look super realistic but then again it is not the focus of the portrait so I'll have to see about that. I do have to work on the shading on his neck and chest (under the neck of the shirt) and I will probably lighten the shading around the eye on the viewer's right, since it looks too dark to me. Almost there though!

    By the way, the pic looks a little weird since I had to take a screen shot. Here's the link to the better looking one.
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