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Thread: Thunderbolt II Finished work

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    Cool Thunderbolt II Finished work

    Finally finished this piece. "Thunderbolt II"
    digital painting with ArtRage 4

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jet metal texture= awesome!!!!
    Regards from Chile
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    That is just amazing, and the storm clouds are wonderful!

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    The warm lighting on the plane really serves you in this. Super dimension and detail.

    As to the background, its unconventional angle certainly calls attention to itself because of the visual activity in it, both with the lightning, which is really well done, and the brightness of the mountain range against the clouds which creates a particularly strong line of contrast. It's as if the editorial comment is that this moment is a thing of beauty.

    I think the motion blur at the lower right is interesting in that it looks like it's suddenly dipping in for a dive owing to the rest being more normally focused. I can see the choice making process in where and how to show the action -- where to stop it. Because the lightning is so sharply focused and needs to be if you want it to read, you couldn't carry the blur into the top of those mountains there, which would be more natural. So it's more of the artist hinting at action in an otherwise rather calm painting - as if the call to action just came in and the response is just beginning to ripple through the scene.

    Anyway, the overall impression is not unlike capturing the moment in athleticism with a pose like a track star bursting out of the starting blocks.

    Very impressive painting with some new twists (for me anyway).
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    What an accuracy and dramatic composition! You really know how to get an original image out of a flying combat airplane.
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