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Thread: The Nature, The Beautiful Creature

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    The Nature, The Beautiful Creature

    With Black & white

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    These are both really lovely but I do like the pencil one, well done
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    Looks very placid and idyllic. I think you might want to consider separating the tree from the background -- where the far side of the lake goes into black, so does the tree in the foreground and that places the far distance on the same distance as the foreground which creates a little visual confusion. There are a lot of ways that can be managed to create distance and separation, and the easiest is to put a little rim light on the vertical tree trunk around where it meets the far shore (extending higher and lower).

    Another way would have been to lighten the far shore overall to where is was not as dark as the foreground -- but you can't do that at this point because there is so much black throughout the trees on the left side of the distant hill. Silhouettes can be tricky.

    So the usual solution when there's a lot of super dark areas is to use rim lighting as a device for identifying what belongs with what and what is an altogether different thing.

    But I love the colors and how the sky fills the water with reflections. It's a dramatic and beautiful effect.
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    You show a very lyrical eye in Your wonderful paintings. Bravo!
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