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Thread: this site is for all painters, or not?

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    this site is for all painters, or not?

    Hello, and good day to all of u,
    I am a painter from overseas, from Syria to more exact.
    and i was planning to post some of my paints on artrage forum , but when i read some threads i found that i need to use artrage program ( or so i understand)...
    so i have to ask before i post: is it ok to post my hand made paints? and if so where in this forum??
    and thanks for ur time,

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    There have been a few members who have shared their traditional artwork here before, but they were also members who use ArtRage and had shared those pieces as well. Seeing as these forums are an addendum to ArtRage site, I believe the admins prefer that the main focus of posted artwork pertain to the ArtRage program in some fashion. It's probably to ensure that visitors, looking for examples of what the program can do, can immediately find images created specifically with the ArtRage program. Then there is the limited server space, of course. People might end up coming here, just for the sake of having a free photo dump location, which I'm sure the AR team would like to avoid.

    Don't take this to mean that the AR community wouldn't like to see you work. You're more then welcome to host your traditional images as a site like Photobucket or Imgur, and then link to it via a post made here, in the General Chat forums. I'm sure there'd be a number of members who'd like to see it. You might even consider giving the ArtRage program a try, if you haven't already.
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    Yes that's right. This is a site for ArtRage, and the admins in the past have said they were okay with people who use and post regularly their ArtRage work also include in some work done traditionally. But I think they draw the line at posting only or mostly pictures that have nothing to do with this program. This is actually a commercial site and the product is ArtRage software. But within that, you would be more than welcome, and we would all love to see your creativity.

    SomeoneSane's invitation to use ArtRage is a very good one anyway, because the program emulates traditional artwork. Do they still offer free demo versions of the program? Why yes, they do:
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