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Thread: re sizing the oil brush

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    re sizing the oil brush

    Hello!!! all in the title! I need to work on a big size canvas, so, is it a way to get an oversized oil brush??
    thank you for help!!!

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    The largest default size for the tools are 100%. However, they can all be pushed as high as 500% by either typing the number in manually (done by single clicking on the size display of the tools panel, to open the text field) or by using the keyboard shortcut. For the short cut, hold your keyboards "Shift" key down, then (if using a mouse) click and hold your left mouse button down and move the tool cursor from left to right (on the canvas) to increase it's scale, or right to left to decrease it. With a tablet pen you do the same in holding "Shift", but you just put your pen down and move it from left to right, or vise versa, depending on whether you want the tool scaled larger or smaller.
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