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Thread: Fancy a bit of surrealism?

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    Fancy a bit of surrealism?

    I like a bit of surrealism and had never heard of this chap before... a bit of a mixed bag but worth a look.

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    Wow! Definitely a mixed bag, but there's some beauties in there. It takes sch a creative brain to come up with such a variety of ideas, and skill to paint them so well. Thanks for sharing!

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    Yeah, at the most basic, all you need is a good handle on trompe-l'oel and a combination of things that don't normally belong together and make them work visually. That effect is usually aimed at shock value or surprise -- early on in the movement done to wake people up by forcing them to look closer than a quick glance.

    Then there's the kind where it's almost entirely a visual romp where one fits diverse items together like a jigsaw puzzle. And that's often more driven by a certain visual pun-manship. This guy you linked to does this to some extent.

    And then there's the kind where the artist selects things to put together based on a sort of theme -- taking a secondary reference to an item (like showing a woman seated facing away from us showing her naked back with the classic symmetrical curves) and then finding something related in a sidelong fashion (like having a formally dressed musician drawing a bow along her spine like a cello - and she may or may not have "f" holes painted onto her back). And that leads to the endless (no pun intended) associations and metaphors about love of music and playing (touching and playing are the same word in Spanish I believe) etc etc. . .

    Surrealism is a veritable candy land.

    Thanks for sharing this find. Don't just admire, Fraser. . . dig in!!!! Photography works for surrealism just fine and plays very well combined in the same pic with painting. Go Cat Go!!!
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Thanks for the link Matey, really enjoy looking at the paintings
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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