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Thread: resizing stencils

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    Cool resizing stencils

    I am new to art rage and i am using it for a platform for a projected wall and using an IR spray can to spray the paint. Doing this means i only have a left mouse button which is when i press the top of the spray can as if spraying paint. When i apply a sticker i can alter the size, position and rotation as the widgets come up on the sticker. But when i want to use a stencil you have to use the transform tool which is clunky when just using one button. is it possible to have the widgets that come around the sticker to come on when you bring up a stencil??

    any help in this would be very helpful

    many thanks in advance

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    Because stencils interact with paint strokes, their default behaviour when placed is different to that of the stickers which don't interact with paint. There's no way to change this in the application currently so unfortunately you would have to select the transform tool to transform the stencil if all you have access to is a left click.
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