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Thread: Painting lost

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    Painting lost

    I'm using ArtRage Studio Pro 3 on Windows 8.
    Just a couple of minutes after I'd saved my painting, Art Rage became unresponsive so I chose to restart it.
    My file now will not open, it's completely gone, there's no preview picture and the file size is 0. When I attempt to open it the message reads: ArtRage encountered an error trying to load the selected file, the file may be damaged or an unsupported format.
    I don't suppose that there's any hope?

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    Sorry to hear you had problems. Unfortunately if the file is 0 bytes, there's no data in the file to recover. In the event of a crash or other interruption during saving, the file on disk will be incomplete. It sounds like this was the case here. Feel free to email me the details at and I can see what I can do to work out what happened for you. If you email me please let me know how large the painting was, how many layers there were and if you can recall, what you were doing at the point you saw a message about ArtRage not responding. The 'not responding' message tends to be generated by Windows if you try to do something while an application is busy, which can include saving a large file. In this case, choosing to allow the application to continue should enable it to complete saving.

    Something else which I find useful when working with files which take a lot of time to complete in applications is to save incrementally, e.g. with ArtRage mypainting1.ptg, then mypainting2.ptg etc to make sure I always have a previous version.
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