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    Looking forward to any constructive criticism.

    I am attempting a different style for this one.

    What do you think about it?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I can't see it close enough (bit small), but it looks like it's working well.

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    I think looks quite good already. The colors used are pretty. Maybe you could try using a little more contrast, Especially the bottom/inside of the wave could use some darkness, depth. That way you'll make the lights stand out more. Nevertheless, great job!

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    Comments on your wave

    I really think you are off to a great start here. I would recommend a little more contrast. Perhaps just find a few small places where you could put in some darker color would give it some punch. Or perhaps a little contrast by making your sky darker so the foam stands out more.
    My first reaction to your wave was that it is too tall and skinny. However, after looking at your reference photo I see the one photo is of a very tall wave that is thin at the bottom. From my observation of waves- and I've lived near the Atlantic or pacific most of my life and love to watch the waves- that is not typical. If you are striving for realism, I would recommend making the base of the wave a little wider. Sometimes you can have a photograph that is correct, but because it is not typical of nature, when we paint it, it look wrong. Does that make sense, I'm not sure I'm explaining myself well.

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