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Thread: Any Face Painting Tips ???

  1. Any Face Painting Tips ???

    I need face painting tips immedialty 8)
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    Hi Lordofmoon - It looks to me like you have gotten a pretty good foundation going here. Most parts of the face seem properly positioned. The biggest area that needs work is the eyes. The way you have them here they are flat. The lashes are too long and the hi-lites are way too big. Eyes are pretty tough to paint, but are probably the biggest 'key' to a realistic looking painting. You (and me too) need to work on getting the eyes right. Remember that they are little Balls set into sockets and that the lids have thickness and sit on top of the eyeball. The lids will also cast a shadow. They will have contours and shapes of their own. Also the little tear duct at the inside corner must be addressed. I hope this isn't too depressing. The best bet (IMHO) is to just do studies of the eye, look closely at your references and practice a lot! :shock:
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