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Thread: I have been gone a while.

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    I have been gone a while.

    I'm afraid the title is a euphemism for, very, very ill. Major surgery and months of staring into space. I had only just started on here and was just very excited, getting to grips with everything that Artrage is capable of doing.

    I must be getting better as I now feel like taking up my stylus once again. Unfortunately I am back to square one but working on it. Currently trying Artrage 4 demo and in danger of getting back into my old ways of buying more equipment, pencils, brushes, paper and how to books etc. I suppose I once did it in the hope that more and better tools would make me a better artist. I also have a disadvantage as I did ceramic modelling for years, finding that making something in 3D was easier than painting as you did not have to worry about shading and the like.

    However all that staring into space must have had a calming effect on my boundless impatience as I now spend an entire day or two on a pencil study of a horses head instead of wanting to complete something like the Mona Lisa in half an hour with a 10 minute tea break.

    Below is the sketch of the horses head, plus one of my ceramic pieces. The ceramic of the hippocampus and mermaid were made from two cold and wet lumps of clay and I only made it as my tutor in college said it couldn't be done due to all sorts of constraints imposed during the firing process.

    Anyway I am babbling so here they are.

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    Wow, your drawing is great and the ceramic is amazing!

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    Welcome back

    Lovely drawing and you are very inventive!

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