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    Just trying something new. It was pretty difficult for me to capture the idea of moving water like this.

    And I can't help but feel the picture is incomplete.

    Any thoughts?Click image for larger version. 

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    That left side of the waterfall is pretty good. Good sense of water crashing and foaming. Keep on working on it. Maybe some trees in the foreground and a bit more work on the sky. Have a point of interest and try and tell a story.......use your imagination. Don't give up on it. Right now your signature in fonts draws my attention to it. Sign it...........TJ
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    Yeah? Well I couldn't say about being complete or incomplete. But waterfall water is really hard to depict in any case. On the left it looks like a faster camera took the shot and the right side is a slower shutter speed. Both are legit. Depending on the amount of water that's falling and the distance will determine how white the white water is going to get and how broken up and what happens when it hits the water in the stream at the bottom.

    Is the water "raging" is the question where it becomes frothy throughout, is a question to ask as you approach it. If not, the water will roll in shapes with some areas of translucency and other areas of froth. If it's all churned it would look more like this. It's not falling all that far based on the vegetation so I would think it would be more glassy in areas perhaps. Shutter speed on cameras if you're using a photo to paint from will look a certain way, in which case you can make it look like that.

    I think the whole picture is taken to about the same level of detail. I like the effect you got on the left though. It's kinda cool and draws the eye to the falling water as the focal point.

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    Thank you for the great input. I will see what I can do to add some of the advice.

    Thanks again.

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    One more thing! You have the painting about split in half and that always makes the composition more difficult. Not impossible at all, just more difficult. I try to think in thirds to begin with anyway!

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