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    Exclamation Lost Layers

    My artage recently crashed on my macbook whilst i was working on a 24 hour+ piece. i had saved multiple times, aswell as seeing warnings about space, then the last time i saved it got to 80% and crashed turning the screen white. now when i open it, the image does not have the first 4 or 5 layers. I can see the image in it's entirety on the preview but not in the application. I cannot currently express the extent of my distraught, art is the only thing keeping me happy at the moment.
    The image is 150mb. Is there a way to recover the layers?

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    Sorry to hear about the problem, it sounds like the layer data may be corrupt which means that the full file can't be recovered. However, if you can see the preview of the file then you may be able to load the full size preview ArtRage stores at the start of the save. To do this, use the Import Image in the ArtRage File Menu and load the PTG file. Importing a PTG loads the preview and if that data is there, as it sounds it might be, you can get a full size version of the original image without the layers.

    I'm not sure what is generating warnings about space - Are you being told that you are low on disk space? If so you should look at how much space is available on the disk you're saving to in case it's full. If the disk is full, files may not be able to be saved.

    If you are using ArtRage 4 you should also turn on the file backup system. If you look in the Advanced section of the Preferences panel you should see an option to store backup files. Setting that option to a value greater than 0 causes ArtRage to make a copy of the file before saving so that any problems with save avoid damaging the original. If you're not using ArtRage 4 or if you don't want all paintings to be backed up automatically we would suggest saving your painting under a different name from time to time so that you don't lose any old work if there is ever a problem.
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    holy **** i love you.

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