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Thread: Strathmore Art Workshops for free

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    Smile Strathmore Art Workshops for free

    I enjoyed the series of art workshops this summer. You can get a lot of good ideas here...just get an account. I never use Strathmore art materials since they are not sold over here, but any god art material or software will do the job i guess
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    Strathmore is an old standard for paper here in the USA. The paper is excellent (or was. . . haven't used it in a long while). But I have used whatever materials were available. When I was doing a lot of life drawing on toned paper, I bought a huge roll of 3 foot wide cheap generic brown wrapping paper used in packaging. Was cheap, especially in bulk like a huge roll like that. And I never even came close to using it all. I think after about 15 years using it I gave the remaining half roll to an aspiring artist, who also never used it up. It was a nice mid brown range, so it worked great with dark and like conte crayons. I don't think I would have bothered selling anything drawn on it though. But I suppose one could.

    Like so many other art supplies, paper made for artists can be expensive both because those supplies are crafted better and artists are willing to buy quality materials because the supplies impact the art they do. I think papers have different qualities, including archival quality which doesn't have acids that will discolor over time.

    But you're right. There are probably a lot of companies who make or distribute similar papers in Sweden. When I was illustrating, I was accustomed to buying high quality Windsor Newton paints and brushes originally from England, but sold everywhere here. I imagine you could get supplies coming from England or certainly Asia without too much difficulty.

    Anyway, as to the Strathmore website you linked to, it's very clever that they have linked those classes to particular products they sell. So they picked a product and coupled it with someone teaching art techniques that use it. Brilliant promotion. So people get better at art and want to continue to do art and will likely be continuing using those papers. Win-win situation.

    Thanks for the link.
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    My first pad, which I'm saving until I'm good enough not to waste it,is a Strathmore 60 lb. I await the day I can use it.

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