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Thread: No More War

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    No More War

    Syria, Afghanistan, etc. Children crying and dying. The muse for this artwork. AR4. TJ
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    Deeply moving. Just wonderful....

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    Go Go Go Syrian Army , its been a hard task eliminating this US-backed terrorists in Syria but you Bashar Hafez al-Assad , President of Syria, have showed the world how tough, brave and steadfast you are for more than two years in defend your country, people and sovereignty against a US-led connivance to overthrow your legitimate government. And we know in the end your dedication, efforts, loyalty and patriotism will win in the end against US and it allies. Its time for US to be defeated for her evil will against nations who refused or defy being her puppet slave. Syria would be US Waterloo!!! Go Go Go Syrian Army!

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    Fantastic painting and message to show the disquieting haunting ghosts behind a determination façade. I like it and, without being a fanatic pacifist at any cost, the statement.
    These times require more than ever much wisdom. Stupidity, hyprocrisy and illusions aren't an option anymore.
    You have to be fully aware, very well informed and "in" to take any whatsoever little decision, let it the idea of taking major decisions like a substantially useless air bombing as a evidenceless fake "punishment" of a pre-decided guilty, against all positive outcome odds, especially when it was repeatedly demonstrated that an ehaustive intelligence of the scenarios, situation etc. is missing and after so many failure to really understand and find true evidence. Sunnite movements terrorists and criminals took the lead of too many insurgent groups and this is a now a multi-polar world with US somehow in a corner in many areas while we have a low credibility UN organisation constantly bypassed or mainly ruled by five members who have veto powers (some of them without any adequate ground, since the start or anymore). I wouldn't like to discover that the decision is sintead based on the fact that a certain number of cruise missiles are close to end of life or need major upgrading maintenance so the relevant costs of their de-commissioning (while manufacturing some new batches) may be avoided by just releasing them somewhere out of US, and Syria is such a fitting opportunity, with the additional benefit of a large scale, real training military excercise (with quite a number of casualties, not US or French ones though) ... Anyone learned anything from Lybian experience? Big or bullish countries don't listen to intelligence and understanding provided by countries far more familiar with the situation and the outcome is generally failure. See Lebanon, Somalia, Lybia lessons and now let's think better to what should be done in Syria with a far looking approach and a little beyond each country's short-sighted silly national geo-political interest and pride.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Very strong image Tony
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    Well Tony talk about a painting with a message this surely is it.
    Well done.

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    Great image with lots to tell

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