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Thread: Smoothing and taper length options

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    Smoothing and taper length options


    At the moment, I draw more and paint less. I try to do it despite the fact my mobility is not important. I found out that ink pen options (smoothing and taper length) were very helpful. Thanks to them, my lines are more natural. It is easy for me to obtain what I want. I am really glad to have the possibility to draw with so little range of motion !

    Now, I would like to make a wish : to find smoothing option - and also taper length option when it can seem natural with certain tool - with oïl brush, watercolor, pencil, felt pen, crayon, chalk, and even the eraser, since it is a good drawing tool, too!

    For someone like me (and many people in my case) who have so little mobility, it would be very-very-very helpful and nice to use!

    Dear ArtRage Team, I hope I could receive a little answer to remain confident, thank you !
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